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23 maj, 2011

Sad inzomnia

I'm in a low low. Can't sleep 'cus I'm sad and mad and therefore troubled. I can't cry even though I want to. I did speak to an old dear friend of mine for a long while (big thanx to Skype so we don't have to pay icky overseas phonebills) and it helped for a while. But later, in bed with all the lights off, my honey sleeping heavily beside my side, the low creeps up under my skin again and in to the very essence of my being. And I want to cry. I want to eat and drink. I want to start upp with all my plans. And so I turn to my other side and try to catch some Zzzzz... After some flipping and turning I give upp and moved my mushy head out to the sofa. Z-pills in the system I'm now trying to swipe the low images in my head of broke FlubberMe - the worst belly dancer ever - with the ones of fluffy purple clouds and flying pink elephants...
3 hours later the sun starts to lift away my comfy darkness and I still havn't found those stupid Zzzz

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1 kommentarer:

Lisa sa...

Jag vet hur det är. Är typ där, bortsett från att jag sover lite bättre. Är för pank för att föreslå fika på stan, men du får gärna komma över på fika efter jobbet ngn dag om du bara vill hänga lite eller prata med någon som förstår.

Massa kramar ♥