La Frog

12 september, 2010

Tryin' to balance the worlds

There are a lot of worlds buzzing around in my mind right now. I've got the Twilight-world, the True blood-world, the House of Night-world, the actual Real World... I'm living myself into a lot of worlds right now it feels like. I do that a lot... The current one is the on of the Sookie Stackhouse-novels. It's kind of really hard to let go. Excitement and sex - sex and excitement... exciting sex. Ooh, my oh my! I've almost been reeding non-stop! Which made me turn the days and nights into a big mess. For some reason I'm more comfortable during the nights. I can relax more into my books. Of course during the night I don't have to think about all the things I should be doing instead. Like cleaning house, polishing my CV, looking for an internship.... Lucky for those things I now have to take a break in my reading in waiting on the 5th book to jump down my mailbox. So tomorrow there's returning books to the library and doin' laundry on my schedule.