La Frog

09 juni, 2010


I want my Jonas to come home! Ok, so I know he comes home today... tonight... late tonight... But I really need to cuddle up in his embrace and just feel safe. Feel wanted. Feel needed.
I'm so tired of feeling unwanted. The last couple of months has been a tiering time. The feud with the Employment Service and Försäkringskassan is driving me to the bottom again. None of them seems to be wanting to help me get better. Neither of them want nothing to do with me. And they use confusion as there weapon. At first they want nothing to do with me and let me fall between the seats. And now they want me to sit on both seats. I admit that my fanny is a bit big, but not so big that it needs to seats! To use confusion as a weapon upon those who have weakened mentally strength feels like an abomination. The FK tells me to go seek help with the ES. The ES shake there heads, puts me in the computer-system and hopelessly tells me they hope the FK accepts my application. So with no economic income, no help and slipping further and further down... I don't no what to do anymore. If I ever knew... When I'm this low I can't even bear myself to go to the dance- ore drillingclass, see people I care about.
Except my Jonas.

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