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18 april, 2010

WTF?! I'm almost 28 years old and I just had to beg my poor old grandfather to drive me home from a party! The reason I had to call him is because there is a rapist hanging around my tram stop. There's been 3 incidents this past month, the latest one was just earlier this week. So I'm just to freakin' scared to walk home all by my lonesome at night. It makes me mad that I feel so scared and sometimes I think that I'm just being ridiculous. But then again, what if I'm not? What if being scared and taking precautions is what saves me? (Normally I would ask my boyfriend to meet me at the tram station, but this night his at a friend finishing up on his thesis).
Well, at least I'm home safe now. (And so is my grandpa' btw).

Oh, and I am SO buying a pepper spray!!! Well, at least the legal version of it here in Sweden...

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Lisa sa...

Guess what, sister? Being safe is being smart. That's looking after yourself.