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08 april, 2010

Utter and happily confused

Have just returned home from a boosting brain-dating-seminar. How my brain functions and how I can get the best use out of it. And as I was sitting there I realized that my oldest brother probably would dig this seminar. Unfortunately he his doing his military service right now and really got no 500 bucks to spare. But if I can get him interested enough I might be able to borrow him the money. Hmm... Now the question is how to get him interested enough to actually sign up for this. Apparently I need to make him utterly confused and then make my move. But come on - how do I get that kid confused at all? The last time I saw him confused (and then blushed) was when he was about 10 years old, I think, and was asking mama what a condom was. But he wants to continue to military college after his service and I actually think that that goal also would benefit from this seminar.
Ah crap...
Next I will sign up for a workshop in mental training for dancers! :)

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