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18 november, 2008

Depression in need of a bit expression

They say that money doesn’t make you happy. But I tell you that having no money definitely does not make you happy. At least not when bills are crashing your budget and leave no food on the table. The result on me is depression - deep depression. The kind that makes you wants to lay under the cover 24-7, eating ice-cream, and hiding from the world. I hate it. I so totally hate it! And I want ICE-CREAM!!! In lots and lots of flavors – licorice, viol, polka, limoncello, eggnog, banana/chocolate… I’m feeling low – depressed – and I don’t want to see people. Well there is one special someone that I really want to be with right now. Cuddle up in his arms and lay there until everything sorts itself out. Haha, yeah like that would happened. The sorting-out-itself-part I mean, the cuddle-up-in-his-arms-part I can hopefully do when he gets home from work next time. But until then its ice-cream and the cover that will make my day. And since I can’t afford ice-cream I will have to deal with it in some other way. Tomorrow it’s laundry- and cleaning house day. And Wednesday I promised my ant to help her to pack and clean for the big move on Saturday. On Wednesday evening perhaps I will meet J for some cuddling. Thursday I’m not sure what to do except for dancing class. And Friday is even more in the blur. Saturday I’m moving-help for my ant. Sunday is another blur. I was going with Jessica to Ullared on Sunday, but with the minus on my account it’s not even worth going down there to shop for household products. It’s annoying because I really need a lot of household products and a bit of other products to. And Christmas gifts?! Well I put up a budget on about 9:- a gift. I’m not sure that I can even afford that, but my stubbornness is really hung up on giving Christmas gifts. Christmas in family is actually a hard time. Mostly because me and my little brother Daniel are the only ones that really wants – and likes – the Christmas food. And the Christmas tree. And the Christmas carols. I’m not too sure what my other little brother feels about Christmas. Except that he loves getting gifts. And grandpa? What he feels about Christmas now a days is a real question mark. But my ant really wants to get rid of all the Christmas traditions. She does not like the food. She feels that it’s too much work with the decorations. And she really hates the gift shopping. Although I’m not too sure about what she feels about the carols. Eventually it will probably just be me and Daniel on upcoming Christmas eves. Well, well, that’s another day’s problem. But it was nice think of a less depressing problem for a while. Hm, don’t I have another one??

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