La Frog

24 april, 2008


Here I lay, in candlelight, dressed in shadows. Wondering where you are, my mystery love. The love that I do not yet have. How do I find you? Where should I look?

I want to know who you are. What we could be together.

Perhaps you are lying there in this darkness of ours. Thinking about me. Wondering if we will ever meet. If we will ever be together, in some kind of perfect harmony.

I want to hear you say that you love me. That you will never leave me.

Could we be as one? Cherish and support eachother. Forgive and help eachother through bad times.
Would you catch me if I fall?

I want to see your respond to my love for you in your eyes. In your smile.

What if we have already met? Two strangers passing on the street. Did we then miss our chance? Ore will we get another one? If we were meant for eachother nothing should stand in our way. But what if we will never find eachother anyway? That should not even be possible! I will not stop trying to find you. I will not stop hope - that you are out there. And that one day, we will be together.

I want to feel your body next to mine. My lips against yours.

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